Our Products/Services

Ground Service Technology offers a wide variety of erosion control products and services. We want to provide you with the best erosion control service no matter how simple or difficult the job. Please review our list of erosion control products and services below and contact us with any questions.

  • bonded fiber matrix

    BFM - Bonded Fiber Matrix

    Dires to form a breathable, high strength blanket. Remains a sprayed-in-place blanket that contours with the surface. Less expensive and faster to install versus blankets or sod.

  • esa fence

    Construction Safety/ESA Fence

    • High visibility

    • Rectangular Openings

    • Safety Barrier, Crowd Control

    • Tree Protection Fence

    • Comes in a variety of sizes

  • Erosion Control Blankets

    Erosion Control Blankets

    Temporary erosion control blanket for slopes, median strips, ditches, and shallow channels . Should be installed over a properly prepared, fertilized, and seeded area. Holds seed and soil in place with "barbed action" edges.

  • Polymer Flocculent Powder & Gel

    Polymer Flocculent Powder & Gel

    Flocculent powder removes suspended sediments from water by sticking to them and causing them to sink. This powder is applied via our hydroseeder directly to sediment basins and ponds.

  • Flocculent Blocks

    Flocculent Blocks

    Flocculant Blocks are ideal for dosing flocculant in remote locations such as storm water drains and detention dams and in situations where regular supervision of dosing is not practical.

  • Flocculent Socs

    Flocculent Socs

    Clear sediments out of water in sediment basins before they discharge into natural waterways with flocculent socs. Effective for up to 500,000 gallons of storm water, and flow rates of up to 75 gallons per minute.

  • Gabions


    We offer a complete line of gabions in a wide variety of sizes. As well as the rock and the installation capabilities to make your job complete.

  • Geomembrane and Geotextiles

    Geomembrane/Geotextiles (Non-Woven)

    Especially designed for drainage applications, clog prevention. Performs as a filter and retains fine soil necessary to the drainage system. Allows ground water to pass through. Used for groundwater intercept systems, pavements/driveways, building foundations, dams, and walls.

  • Geomembrane and Geotextiles

    Geomembrane/Geotextiles (Woven)

    Geotextiles provide five important functions: it enhances roadway performance, separation, stabilization, reinforcement and drainage. The primary cause of pavement deterioration is contamination of the aggregate base, causing a loss in aggregate strength.

  • Mycorrhizal Soil BioStimulants

    Mycorrhizal Soil BioStimulants

    Provides approx. 3.6 million living propagulates to soil. Applied at a rate of 60lbs/acre or 1.4lbs/1000ft².

  • Rock Plates

    Rock Plates

    By flexing the vehicle tire treads, the Rock Plates dislodge rocks, asphalt, dirt and other debris from the vehicle treads before trucks leave your construction site. Sometimes referred to as trench or shaker plates.

  • Sand & Gravel Bags

    Sand & Gravel Bags

    (Burlap, Poly, & 7Yr. Snakebags - Empty or Filled)

  • Stabilized Fiber Matrix

    SFM - Stabilized Fiber Matrix

    A one-step, hydraulically-applied, stabilized fiber matrix erosion control system, that is formulated to hold soil in place immediately upon application, even during the drying and curing stage.

  • Silt Fence - Temporary

    Silt Fence (Temporary)

    • With our without stakes

    • Various heights: 24, 36 or 42 inches

    • Various widths: 52-300 feet

    • Various Strengths

    • Various UV ratings

  • (Reinforced/Wire Backed)

    Silt Fence (Reinforced/Wire Backed)

    • With our without stakes

    • Various heights: 24, 36 or 42 inches

    • Various widths: 52-300 feet

    • Various Strengths

    • Various UV ratings

  • Stabilized Construction Entrances

    Stabilized Construction Entrances

    A stabilized entrance to a construction site is designed to minimize the amount of sediment tracked from the site on vehicles and equipment. Mud and sediment fall off of tires as they bounce along the stabilized entrance.

  • Storm Drain Inlet Protection

    Storm Drain Inlet Protection

    A temporary barrier installed around a storm drain inlet, drop inlet or curb inlet.

  • Straw Wattles/Fiber Rolls

    Straw Wattles/Fiber Rolls

    Providing storm drain inlet protection directing runoff water to retention and detention devices. Reducing water velocities in areas of concentrated flow such as waterways and swales, when installed as check structures.

  • Tri-Angular Silt Dikes

    Tri-Angular Silt Dikes

    Triangular Silt Dike is a reuseable, multipurpose alternative to rock check dams. Made of lightweight and durable materials, Triangular Silt Dikes weigh just 7 to 9 lbs. per seven foot section.

  • Turbidity Curtains

    Turbidity Curtains

    When construction occurs on or near lakes and ponds, sediments can be stirred up and released into the water. By using a Turbidity Curtain it is possible to contain this sediment in a small portion of the lake or pond.

  • Wood Stakes

    Wood Stakes

    Secure down fiber rolls - 18" length.

  • Staples for Blankets

    Staples for Blankets

    Firmly fasten down erosion control blankets with 6-inch, 11-gauge staples, in boxes of 1000.

  • S-Fence


    S-Fence is a patented high performing, low total cost alternative to silt fence. It reduces sedimentation and provides erosion control on or around construction sites.

  • ProWattle


    ProWattle is a high performance, low cost and environmentally sustainable approach to protect slopes from erosion and to protect perimeters in low traffic environments. Unlike fiber rolls, ProWattle tends to spread rather than concentrate flow.

  • Perimeter Guard

    Perimeter Guard

    Perimeter Guard (PG) is a tested, patented, high performance and low cost system designed to provide effective sediment control on or around home building sites.

  • Hard Surface Guard

    Hard Surface Guard

    Hard Surface Guard is a patented, high performance and cost effective system to provide sediment control on hard surfaces on or around construction sites.

  • Ditch Guard

    Ditch Guard

    Ditch Guard is a patented high performing and low cost approach to protect roadside ditches, swales, and channels from erosion and sediment loss.

  • E-Fence


    E-Fence is a patent pending, durable and low cost species exclusion and control barrier designed for projects in habitat where threatened small vertebrates are present.

  • Curb Inlet Guard

    Curb Inlet Guard

    Curb Inlet Guard is a patented, low cost system which reduces sedimentation into curb inlets. Curb Inlet Guard is an important part of a comprehensive best management practice approach for site sediment control.

  • Combo Guard

    Combo Guard

    Combo Guard is a patented, low cost, four-layer system to reduce sedimentation into combination curb & grate inlets. It is an important part of a comprehensive best management practice approach for site sediment control.

  • Drop Guard

    Drop Guard

    Drop Guard provides a high performance and cost effective system to reduce sedimentation into unpaved 4 sided Construction Site Field Drop Inlets. It does not need to be staked – flaps are covered with soil or gravel.

  • GR-8 Guard

    GR-8 Guard

    GR-8 Guard is a patented, low cost, four layer system designed to reduce sedimentation into grated storm drain inlets in paved areas. It is an important part of a comprehensive best management practice approach for site sediment control.

  • Complete SWPPP

    Complete SWPPP

    (Design, Filing, Implementation, & Inspections)



  • Dust Control

    Dust Control

    We provide low cost, premium soil stabilization and dust control services. The products we use are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. )

  • Filtration - Dewatering

    Filtration - Dewatering

    We filter your sediment filled trench or sediment basin water from your construction sites. We then pump trench water into the bag and then seal it; the water is allowed to seep out, but the sediments remain inside.

  • hydroseeding


    Compared to hand planting or sodding, it is an extremely cost effective technique of spraying a slurry of seeds, tackifier, mulch and fertilizer on bare ground to hold soil in place while awaiting germination of a ground cover.

  • Parking Lot Parking Garage Sweeping Services

    Parking Lot/Parking Garage Sweeping Services

    We provide high quality parking lot and parking garage sweeping services.

  • Street Sweeping Services

    Street Sweeping Services

    We provide high quality street sweeping services to construction sites throughout all of Southern California.